Ssangleong is consistently testing new bag designs, new production techniques and up-to-date quality control methods. Ssuper Sacks (our in-house bulk bags) also known as FIBC's, semi-bulk bags, totes, or jumbo bags are carefully designed for shipping, handling and storing dry and semi-dry materials. We strictly adhere to the industry safety factor of 5:1 and 6:1. It means that our Ssuper Sacks can withstand at least five times and six times the working load recommended. Used for storage and transport of any kind of free flowing granular or powder products, Ssangleong Super sacks are flexible container made of 100% recyclable and FDA approved polypropylene fabrics and polyethylene liners. It is cost-effective, easy to handle and popular among customers from the cement, chemical, farming, fertiliser, food, steel, plastics, pharmaceutical, and the hazardous materials industries.


Ssuper sacks are specially made to order, according to the individual requirements of our customers. Our high quality flat and circular woven is made from 100% virgin grade polypropylene fabric. Ssangleong manufactures the fabric in various colours, tensile strength and safe working load in accordance with international safety standards. Laminated option is available for customers who want to protect their sacks against adverse weather conditions and loss of fine particle materials. For customers concerned about static discharge, we can provide them with static protective bags as an added safety measure. All bulk bags are manufactured from approved materials that have passed rigid testing and inspection routines.


HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and EVOH are some of our Inner Liners that help to prevent moisture and contamination in the Ssuper Sack. They are made with superior raw materials and have high quality standard of consistent thickness, seals and durability. The Inner Liner can be sewn-in, glued in place or inserted into the Ssuper Sack. A basic square base with four lifting loops sewn across the corners of the bag, is an economic construction for easy handling. The polypropylene fabric is designed to meet 5:1 and 6:1 safety factor. The standard Ssuper Sacks are excellent for a variety of application and custom designs are also available. Ssuper Sack Construction: Circular, Baffle, Four Panel, U-Panel Fabric Types: Type A - Normal, Type B - Anti-Static, Type C - Electrically Conductive, Type D - Static Dissipative Application Types: Multi-trip Sacks, Food Grade Sacks, Construction Sacks, Chemical Sacks, High temperature Sacks.


Ssangleong provides Used bags as a cost-effective alternative for our customers. Regular checks for wear and tear on the used bags are carried out before resell it to the non-food related industries. We are also able to purchase any used super sack in all sizes and quantities.