Flexibags are used for transporting bulk liquid materials by land and sea in the ISO standard container. Ssangleong manufactures a variety of economical and durable Flexibag using *100% recyclable and FDA approved materials. They are widely used in the transportation of non-hazardous liquid materials such as chemicals, oil and wine. Our Flexibags come in an assortment of stock sizes to fit most containers in use. Each of our Flexibags is guaranteed for strength and durability even for the most demanding purposes. They are individually packed and ready for easy installation.


Ssangleong reusable heater pad enable re-heating of solidified products during winter seasons. It results in an impressive discharge with 48 hours or re-heating.


Easy and simple to install - Improve leak protection - Decrease turn-around time at landfills - Minimum shipping handling from door to door - Minimum cargo spillage and waste - Prevent contamination - Reducing dusting and odour problems - Avoid unnecessary container cleaning cost - Increase container longevity.